Poor Moxi

Riff-Heavy, Drum-Driven


Poor Moxi creates energetic and theatrical alternative rock, combining influences of surf rock, punk, and indie. With the tight composition of bands like Muse and Arctic Monkeys, plus indie feel-good elements of groups like Cage the Elephant and The Strokes, the Denver-based five-piece makes music to get people moving.




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Poor Moxi’s New Single ‘American Paranoid’

Released March 22, 2019

American Paranoid is both the story and the antithesis of the fear and paranoia that we, as humans, put ourselves in. The song is a way for us to feel in control when we feel powerless to what we conspire against. It's emotional, fierce, rebellious, and, above all, relatable. The song features punk and alternative influence that evolved over months of practice and performance, until it felt perfect.

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Poor Moxi’s New Single ‘Zeros’

Released March 1, 2019

Zeros is an energetic song, both hard-hitting and theatrical, combining elements of surf rock, hard rock, and punk. The instrumentation is driving, and the lyrics convey themes of power, societal ignorance, and falling victim to the rat race. Zeros quickly became the favorite song for Poor Moxi to perform, and a crowd favorite at shows as well.

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Poor Moxi’s First EP

Released February 9, 2018


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