Poor Moxi creates energetic and theatrical alternative rock, combining influences of surf rock, punk, and indie. Described by Colorado Punk Rock Army as "an acid trip gone very, very good," Poor Moxi blends the tight composition of alternative staples like Muse and Arctic Monkeys with indie feel-good elements of groups like Cage the Elephant and The Strokes. Simply put, the Denver-based five-piece makes music to get people moving.


Poor Moxi formed in 2016, under the leadership of frontwoman Megan Maher and lead guitarist Kyle Youngman. Later in the year, the duo recruited bassist Brody Esslinger and rhythm guitarist Jalon Baxter. In early 2018, Poor Moxi added drummer Patrick Bodnar to the roster, and released their self-recorded debut EP, featuring 'Tranquility' and 'Out of the Blue'. They quickly began sharing their music through energetic live performances at Denver venues such as Herman's Hideaway, The Walnut Room, and Globe Hall.


In late 2018, Poor Moxi partnered with The Spot Studios to begin working on two new singles. In March 2019, Poor Moxi released 'Zeros' and 'American Paranoid', creating a new style for the group, with heavier riffs and driving drums. ‘Zeros’ eventually got air time on several local radio stations, including 93.3 in Denver and 103.9 RXP in Colorado Springs.